Sonia W. Soltero, Ph.D.

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NABE Central Region Representative

Sonia W. Soltero, Ph.D.

Sonia W. Soltero is Professor and Chair of the Department of Leadership, Language, and Curriculum, former Director of the Bilingual-Bicultural Education Graduate Program at DePaul University in Chicago, and former bilingual and dual language teacher and program coordinator.

Soltero has numerous publications on dual language, bilingual education and Latino education, including her more recent books: Dual Language Education: Program Design and Implementation and School-Wide Approaches to Educating English Language Learners.

She has been involved in dual language and bilingual education for more than thirty years as a dual language teacher, university professor, professional developer, and researcher. Soltero as extensive background in the design and implementation of dual language and bilingual programs and has worked with school districts across the US.