Nilda M. Aguirre, Ed.S.

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NABE Executive Director


As a Cuban immigrant who arrived in the US at the age of 6, Nilda Aguirre is well aware of the challenges facing English Learners.

Throughout her career as an educator, Nilda has been driven to improve outcomes for English Learners through the use of best practices, cutting edge strategies, community involvement and advocacy. Nilda has been a NABE member for over 35 years, and as the Executive Director for the National Association for Bilingual Education, she will continue to support NABE’s mission of advocating for educational equity and excellence for bilingual/multilingual students in a global society. 

Ms. Aguirre also serves as the Project Director for NABE’s Project Para Todos and Project PARA NIÑOS programs, federally funded National Professional Development Programs. The projects are designed to better prepare and support educators to implement evidence-based practices for teaching English learners (ELs) and dual language learners (DLs). Project PARA TODOS serves K-8 in-service educators and Project PARA NIÑOS serves PreK-2 in-service educators.

Nilda has worked with NABE for over a decade and has been instrumental in helping to stabilize the organization’s finances, increase NABE membership numbers, and revitalize the various NABE initiatives, especially in the area of professional development opportunities for educators serving ELs. 

In 2010, Ms. Aguirre began her tenure at NABE as the Exhibits Coordinator for the 2011 conference in New Orleans. In 2011, the Executive Board offered her the position of Conference Coordinator and in that role, she achieved a steady increase in conference attendance year after year. In 2016, Nilda was appointed as the Deputy Executive Director, where she was responsible for overseeing a large part of the day-to-day operations of the organization. In 2021, Ms. Aguirre was appointed as the NABE Interim Executive director by unanimous vote of the NABE Executive Board. On July 1st, 2022, Nilda M. Aguirre was officially appointed as the new Executive Director for the National Association for Bilingual Education.

Nilda has a distinguished career as an educator, having served as a classroom teacher, administrator, and professional development consultant. She has developed innovative curriculum embedded with best practices for ELs and strategies for Gifted and Talented ELs. Ms. Aguirre was the National Director for Project GOTCHA©, a Title VII, Academic Excellence Program awarded by the United States Department of Education for Gifted and Talented English Learners. She has designed and implemented professional development programs for school systems in the US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Europe. Nilda has also authored numerous publications, including curriculum guides for various state education agencies, newspaper and magazine articles, and several book chapters.

Ms. Aguirre holds an Education Specialist Degree in Educational Supervision and Leadership, Master’s Degree in Special Education, Gifted and Talented, and is certified in ESOL, Multicultural Studies, Secondary Education, Curriculum Development, Cultural Competency. Nilda is proficient in Spanish and English.