Margarita P. Pinkos, Ed.D. Eastern Region Representative

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NABE Eastern Region Representative

Margarita Pinkos currently serves as Assistant Superintendent for Global Education and
Community Outreach in the School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC), Florida. The
SDPBC is currently the 11th largest public school system in the United States serving over
190,000 students, of which, 30,000 are English language learners. Her 30-year career has
been dedicated to building the capacity of students and families, and the educators who
serve them. Dr. Pinkos’ professional journey started in 1984 as an elementary school
teacher and includes service as a school principal and district-level executive. One career
distinction is her appointment as assistant deputy secretary and director of the Office of
English Language Acquisition (OELA) in the United States Department of Education
(USDOE) from 2006 to 2008 where she worked with state and local education systems
across the country to support high quality instructional programs for linguistically and
culturally diverse students.
Dr. Pinkos is the past president of the Florida Association of Bilingual and ESOL
Supervisors (FABES), and has served in the Board of Directors of the National Association
of Bilingual Education (NABE) for four years. In 2013, HSM Juan Carlos I, King of Spain,
bestowed Dr. Pinkos the Royal Order of Isabel the Catholic, the highest civil honor
awarded by the government of Spain.
A mother of two grown children, she currently lives with her husband in West Palm Beach.
She enjoys reading, snow skiing, golf, tennis and hiking.

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