César Moreno Pérez Member-at-Large

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NABE Member-at-Large

Multilingual learners and the professionals that teach them will continue to make extraordinary an profound social, economic, cultural and political contributions to American society.
César Moreno is the associate director in the human rights and community relations department at the American Federation of Teachers a union representing over 1.7 million teachers, school support staff, faculty, adjunct instructors, nurses, health care professionals and public employees. He currently oversees the AFT’s work on immigration, unaccompanied and refugee children, and U.S. child labor, and is an integral part of the team that guides the AFT’s policy and programs for families and educators of English Learners.
Cesar is an effective and nationally recognized community leader in the issues that disproportionately impact immigrant youth, Els and other similarly disenfranchised groups. He has spent much of his professional career working at the intersection of education and human rights and has become an
outspoken advocate.
We all know that an investment in the success of our EL student population is a direct investment in strengthening public education, the places where NABE members work and the communities that they serve. And meeting the needs of the growing ELs community requires a diversification of outreach tactics, resources, integration of existing programs, and a culture shift that places
EL students and families at the center of our work. There’s a need for strong community partnerships that fuels and promotes the success of ELs through bilingual literacy, high standards, meaningful parental engagement, collective and shared responsibility.
His work has taken him on several delegations investigating civil rights violations in South Africa, South and Central America, Europe, Cuba and Mexico. Cesar has led several national and statewide campaigns on social, economic, and educational justice issues. He currently serves on the LCLAA national executive board, advisory board of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, and was the U.S. representative and immediate past president of the Youth Committee of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, the regional body of the International Trade Union Confederation.
He is a native of the Central Valley of California and is a graduate from the University of California,

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